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Blog #4 Dear Miss Slattery

3/Write a letter to Miss Slattery telling her what you think about the decision she made to leave Szabo.

Dear Miss Slattery

You said never believed intensely in the advantages of knowledge. It’s as though you’ve been cruising through life, a passive observer. I wonder if that opinion has changed with the realisation of your own self-worth. I think your decision to leave is all the significant for your acknowledgment that you did still harbour some love for him. Sacrificing that desire is no easy feat and shouldn’t be overlooked. Whilst perhaps your activities were rather risqué for my sensibilities in Apple’s bohemian party, I am happy for your rediscovered confidence and self-discovery. Where did you learn to crack the stock-whip so well? What made you decide to leave the sunburnt country and venture into the city? Do you ever miss it, or have you buried and pushed it behind you? Could there possibly be a return in your future? At the very least, I know that there is soul there for you, and your relationship here has been nothing if not soulless. Tibby I fear is responsible for most of that, in the most self-inflicted way. Such a caricature provokes some measure of pity in its own way as well. What soullessness he will endure to come if he cannot perceive the nature of his ways. He injures both himself and those he uses. Your parting has begun to trigger those thoughts potentially, he actively discourages that which he desires. An arrogance that had best be tempered.Whatever it is that you do choose to pursue, be safe in the knowledge that you pursue it freely.

It saddens me greatly that you discover the advantages of knowledge in this fashion, but I sincerely hope that it may furnish you for the future, that when you stare through that glass ceiling you do not just see your own reflection but can see beyond the glass to the other side and open them up that you yourself may pass through.

Best Regards,



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