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Peer Review #2

Hi Evelyn, the first thing I noticed was the header image, it’s simple yet powerful, very much in keeping with the Imagist mindset. The consistent questioning and the running theme that connects each stanza through their opening lines excels in keeping the poem cohesive. The short, sharp and direct lines are a strong choice for your subject matter as well. Thank you for being open and writing about the topic, as you say awareness is important.

To add some more context to your insightful analysis of the Imagists, some of their style served as a challenge to the work of the Romantic writers who preceded them, which I was fortunate enough to be able to study last semester in 19th Century Literature (I can see you were doing Shakespeare). Free verse was another heavy focus, I think their desire for directness and management of the ‘word economy’ is a great choice for the nature of what you have written about.


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