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Peer Review #4 Cameron Cole

Cameron this is awesome! Coming over from ENGL102 this excites me greatly for what I may encounter next year. Utilising the disjointed presentation of the words themselves really builds this sense of displacement. The repetition and building questions really aid in giving it that segmented impression of time. I think we can all relate toContinue reading “Peer Review #4 Cameron Cole”

Peer Review #2 Emily Baker

An incredibly poignant piece Emily. The listing of those questions makes for an inordinately heavy burden; powerful, heartfelt expression. I was quite tempted to compose an answer to that question with that very same artwork before I decided on something else. Coincidentally the history unit I am currently doing just had an entire week basedContinue reading “Peer Review #2 Emily Baker”

Peer Review #1 – Holly Ibrahim Loved reading this Holly! The last two lines are amazing (and your blog presentation is leagues ahead of mine). I’ve enjoyed a lifelong fascination with the history of Egypt, so I can only imagine what having a direct family connection is like. You’ve really captured that idea of history oozing from everywhere you lookContinue reading “Peer Review #1 – Holly Ibrahim”