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Blog #6 Fire

Whenever she had appeared before it was with a thunderous boom, streaking down from the heavens in grand fury to announce her arrival, or her father sternly sent her down by the mere force of his powerful gaze. She would dance and pirouette, darting from tree to tree as she reached out flickering hands to caress their forms, eagerly enveloping them to join the dance. Upon them she tattooed the mark her passing, oil glistening upon their forms as they bore resplendent crowns of red and yellow. They learned her song and bellowed it out, a roaring chorus in one voice. Whispering soft promises in their ears, she would take their unborn children and speak to them of stories, of all the places she had seen and the dances she’d had. Revel she would to the last breath, until partners she could find no more and the final spark of energy faded, then to lie upon the earth to slumber till next she was awakened.

Yet this next awakening was different. As she had laid down to rest, a new partner had come to join, gently scooping her into their arms, crooning to keep her feeble form awake. She scrabbled in their arms but their grip was firm and she chafed, gazing longingly as they passed prospective partners.

Then they sung, a song of their own making, a song of her. For all the endless stories she had told, none had yet to tell her one and this one was to meld with hers, their melodies weaving to form a new song. Night after night they would softly set her down and regale her with their stories, softly sending her to sleep with the promise of another tale tomorrow.

Then came the day when she was freed once more, brimming with newfound stories to share. Through the hills and across the valleys she ranged merrily, urging all the wildlife she encounters onwards, to meet with those that now guide her path, and take their own place in the song.

This bonus blog post is based around the idea of fire, and the uses that Indigenous Australians put it to and the way that the Australian ecosystem has adapted to this cycle of fire and rebirth. The blog was lacking in that voice, so I thought it appropriate to incorporate.


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